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4 Top Reasons Why You Should Start To Grow Your Own Vegetables

4 Top Reasons Why You Should Start To Grow Your Own Vegetables

Growing our own (organic) vegetables has a lot of benefits on the environment and our health. Since I’ve started to grow my own food, I’ve become more conscious of what I eat, I’m happy as a clam when I observe that my little plants grow, and I am proud to learn something new everyday on this whole world that is plants care and food self-production.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, here are 4 more reasons why you should start to grow your own vegetables…

vegetable garden benefits

1. Eat fresher and tastier food

Growing your own vegetables means eating 100% fresh and tasty food.

In fact, the lower the delay from harvest to dinner table, the higher the quality, taste and nutritional properties of food. In other words, a vegetable which has just been picked is waaay tastier and healthier than one trucked from the other side of the country.

Fancy a carrot soup tonight? Pick some carrots straight from the source and put them in your dinner!

2. Learn to eat in season

Thanks to your garden, you will learn to eat in season, which means when taste and nutrients are at peak.

Furthermore, when you have a lot of harvest, you tend to eat more vegetables and to look for creative ways to cook them, so that nothing gets wasted.

3. Say no to chemicals and pesticides

Growing your own vegetables also means having total control on the quality of your food and knowing exactly what does and does not go into it.

No need to use chemicals or pesticides in your garden. If your plants experience problems with diseases or pests, there are plenty of organic remedies to solve them.

Not only will the environment appreciate it, but you will have 100% organic, healthy and delicious food the whole year round… And for (almost) free! Amazing, right?


4. Learn, learn, learn, and be happy!

Last but not least… There is nothing in the world that I find so satisfying like getting my hands dirty (this expression couldn’t be closer to the truth!) in my urban garden.

The feeling of the soil in my hands, the infinite learning process, the observation of each plant’s growth and change, the pride to harvest the fruits of my hard work… All of this had a real impact on the quality of my life. It makes me feel more connected to nature, more confident in my potentialities and simply much, much happier!

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