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6 Benefits Of A Yoga Daily Practice + Some Quotes To Inspire You

6 Benefits Of A Yoga Daily Practice + Some Quotes To Inspire You

Yoga benefits daily practice

Yoga has great benefits on your health, body and mind. Through a daily practice, not only will your body become more flexible and strong, but you’ll see great improvements on your level of stress, sleep quality, immune system, energy and inner peace!

I started my daily yoga practice more or less one year ago. In that period, I was doing an internship in a French NGO based in Paris and I was in charge of organising a huge fairtrade event. I would work 12-13-14 hours a day, with a lot of stress due to the approaching deadline and an awful impact on the quality of my sleep.

It was a strange moment of my life. From one side, I was feeling excited and satisfied for all the things I was learning from a professional point of view. From the other, I was feeling frustated, and tired, and stressed, because I had no more personal life, no more quality time for me… And then I realised I had to do something to make this change.

I’ve always liked yoga, and I had already practiced in a few different schools, but never in a constant way. By chance, I ended up on a yoga website which then became my favorite-ever: DoYouYoga.com. Their “take it easy” way to talk about yoga, their simplicity and promotion of a “yoga for everyone” perfectly corresponded to my own vision of yoga and helped me to get closer to it again.

I enrolled in a one-week free yoga challenge with the great Jessica Rose: 10-minutes-long classes of simple, fun and accessible vinyasa yoga. I fell in love with it and decided I would start doing 10 minutes yoga every morning… It was my own personal challenge!

Never in my life has such a little decision ever had a bigger impact on my life… 10 minutes of yoga everyday can really make a difference in terms of benefits!

Benefit 1. Stress / anxiety relief and better sleep

Anxiety and stress go often hand in hand with sleep troubles. In stressing periods of my life, I find myself unable to relax and unable to stop thinking, especially at night.

Yoga, through deep breathing, slow movements and mental exercises, allow the mind to slow down and facilitates sleep.

Yoga Benefits Daily Practice Quote
Yoga asana pose letting go

Benefit 2. Improved energy

When I feel particularly tired or overwhelmed, there is nothing that works better for me than setting my alarm 10 minutes earlier and practice some sun salutations as first thing in the morning.

Yoga has the exceptional capacity to sooth fatigue and boost energy. By stretching all muscles, opening your chest, extending your spine, breathing deeper and optimally filling your lungs, yoga fosters mental alertness and physical energy. It is my number-one remedy to start my day with positiveness and energy!

Yoga Benefits Daily Practice Quote
Yoga practice daily time

Benefit 3. Improved flexibility

One of the first and most known benefits of yoga is flexibility.

During your first yoga classes, you probably won’t be able to touch your toes… But after only a few weeks, your entire body will be gradually loosening and your toes won’t look so far anymore!

Yoga Benefits Daily Practice Quote
Yoga bend don’t break flexibility

Benefit 4. Boosted immune system

A few months after I started practing yoga, I noticed that I wasn’t getting sick as frequently as before.

By contracting and stretching muscles, moving organs around, and coming in and out of specific postures, yoga can boost the lymphatic system and help to fight infections, destroy cancerous cells, and detoxify the whole body.

Furthermore, as you breathe better, move better and circulate better, all the other organs start to function better.

Yoga Benefits Daily Practice Quote
Yoga body temple quote

Benefit 5. Improved muscle strength

Yoga, when done consistently, has a great power to increase your strength.

Certain yoga poses require both strength and endurance to be held for an extended period of time. At the beginning, some of these poses may seem extremely challenging, but over time, and as you gain muscles, they become much easier.

My daily yoga practice has allowed me to become stronger and to develop useful (and sometimes unknown!) muscles. After only one month of practice, my whole body got fortified and detoxified (less cellulite, more muscle tone). After four months of practice, I’d never had such muscled arms and abdominals in my whole life! Furthermore, some yoga poses that seemed impossible to me at the beginning became “easy”.

Yoga Benefits Daily Practice Quote
Yoga quote stillness movement

Benefit 6. Increased self-esteem

All these physical and mental changes experienced through yoga have a great impact on your self-esteem. Not only do you start appreciating more your body, but you also have a deeper trust in it.

Even though you still can’t do all the asanas, yoga helps you to become more conscious of your body’s potential, more patient towards your limits, and more in touch with your inner times, needs and feelings.

Yoga Benefits Daily Practice
Yoga is a powerful vehicle for change. vehicle change daily practice strength flexibility balance self-discipline potential

AND what is also great about yoga is that it’s an accessible and flexible activity. You can practice it wherever you want (at home, in a park, while travelling…) and you don’t need to dedicate it a lot of time to enjoy all its benefits: 10 minutes a day are already enough to see the first, exciting results! 😉

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