A Journey Towards A More Sustainable Lifestyle

About me

About me

Hello and welcome to my sustainable lifestyle blog!

This blog originates from a need to change, by taking some concrete steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

I am R., a 27-year-old Italian girl working in dynamic Paris, France, in an international agency.

Although I like my ┬ájob, I realise that it does not make me happy anymore and that I feel more and more frustrated from having so little time for me and my family. More and more, I realise that my lifestyle doesn’t correspond to ME anymore.

But, if I want to see it change, I need to take some concrete steps to make it happen. It’s not always simple to act in a sustainable way, above all when you work full-time, but I will do my best to face this green, exciting challenge!

So, as you can see, this blog is NOT about a successful story of change and fulfillment. It’s more about a work-in-progress, step-by-step journey towards the life I’ve always wanted: happy, sustainable, resilient.

With this ultimate goal in mind, I will share with you adventures and misadventures of my journey, tips and ideas on a range of green passions cultivated next to my full-time job: from urban gardening to yoga, from DIY and upcycling projects to travel and inspiration.

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