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DIY mini plastic bottles + lavender decorations

DIY mini plastic bottles + lavender decorations

DIY Lavender Deco Home Bottle

Today, I would like to share with you a super simple DIY project to upcycle mini plastic bottles and use them to decorate your house. It only takes 10 minutes and the result is amazing!

Mini plastic bottles decoration + lavender

You will only need the following (pretty basic) materials:
– Mini plastic bottles (I have found mine at a cocktail organised by some colleagues, but you can use pretty much any kind of small bottle or container)
– A ball of string
– Scissors
– Some dried lavender / flower / herbs


The only thing you basically need to do is rolling some string around the bottle neck. Then create a noose that will allow you to hung up your bottle.

Finally touch: let’s make our creation fragrant with some lavender!
You can also choose other types of flowers or aromatic herbs, such as romarin or sauge, for a more rustic effect.

Et voilà, your DIY decoration is ready!
Easy, beautiful and GREEN!

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