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Reuse Old Wooden Crates To Decorate Your Home

Reuse Old Wooden Crates To Decorate Your Home

Hello everyone! With this post, I’d like to inaugurate a new series of brief articles dedicated to creative and simple ways to reuse wooden crates to decorate your home. Follow me to discover 100% do-it-yourself, zero-cost and zero-waste projects to beautify your dwelling with old but lovely wooden crates.

Reuse wooden crates decorate your home

In this first post of the series, I’ll show you how I’ve converted an old wooden crate into an original, shabby-chic style shelf.

Reuse old wooden crates to create an original, shabby-chic style shelf

I’ve been in my current flat only for 2 months now and I must confess I haven’t had the time yet to decorate it properly. What’s more, buying furniture and home decorations often costs waaaaay too much!

This is why last weekend, while at a local market next to my place, I decided to bring home some of the wooden crates which are usually thrown away by merchants after market days. This is a clever and green way to recycle (and upcycle!) old, abandoned objects, and give them a second life.

Make shelf with old wooden crate

Converting a wooden crate into a shelf is very simple. You can do it by following the steps below:


Painting it in white, or in any other color you like.


For a cool, shabby-chic style, make sure not to use too much painting, so that the wood underneath can still be visible here and there.


Let it dry


You can add other decoration elements, if you wish to make your shelf more elaborated. I’ve only added some twine, for a more rustic effect. But you can add fabrics, small pearls, or paint it in different colors… All options are possible, just use your fantasy!


Hammer one or two nails on the wall at the exact height you’d like to hang your shelf.


If you experience any issues in hanging your shelf directly to the nail, you can create a hook behind your shelf with some twine.


Place some books, plants or ornaments on your shelf, for a greater visual impact. I’m still not 100% convinced by mine, but I’m getting closer 😉

Shelf made from old wooden crates

Aaaand, here you go! A brand new shelf, 100% original, zero-cost and zero-waste: the perfect decoration for your home, allying recycle and creativity.


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