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Pasta With Broad Beans & Mint Pesto Sauce

Pasta With Broad Beans & Mint Pesto Sauce

Being Italian, I’d like to inaugurate this section with a simple and delicious Italian recipe, originating from the region of Genoa: pasta with broad beans (or fava beans) pesto sauce.

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Broad beans pesto is the perfect pasta sauce to valorise this tasty yet not so yielding ingredient. It is also a very “springy” recipe, as broad beans are only available in this period of the year.

The term pesto takes its origins from the Italian verb pestare, which means “to pound” or “to crush”, as one does traditionally with the ingredients when making this special sauce. Pestos were traditionally made in a mortar with a pestle, a heavy tool used for grinding and crushing ingredients.

Mortar Pestle Pesto

Nowadays, it’s become rarer to make pesto through a pestle, and this traditional tool is often replaced by a more modern mixer!

So, here are the ingredients you need to prepare a delicious home-made pesto:

Fresh broad beans: 150g
Pecorino or Parmigiano cheese (or any other hard cheese you can easily find): 75g
Olive oil: 100ml
Garlic: 1 clove
Mint: 6 leaves
Lemon peel: to taste (not compulsory)



1. Shell the broad beans from their skin

Fava beans, Broad beans
2. Put them in a mixer

3. Add one garlic clove (peeled), Pecorino cheese (or Parmigiano cheese), mint leaves, olive oil and some lemon peel

4. Then add salt and pepper, but not too much as the cheese is already pretty salty

3. Whip (slowly and intermittently)

Mixing pesto
4. To obtain the perfect texture: add more oil if the pesto is too dense, or more cheese if it is too liquid

5. Garnish with some fresh mint leaves

Pasta with broad beans pesto and mint

Buon appetito! 🙂

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